Cencorp Automation has been building up the market operation and production facilities in China for a year now. The pace of expansion has been rapid with positive customer feedback. Cencorp product portfolio fits the Chinese industry requirements more than well – as automation and robotics are the key to enhanced productivity.

Cencorp factory in Zhuhai is now starting the first pre-series production of depaneling cells. The local team is highly skilled and they are also conducting application tests for different customers using the demo cells available in Zhuhai plant. Cencorp Automation has also received an order with value of almost 1 MEur for depaneling equipment to be delivered to a Chinese customer during the first half of 2016.

The Finnish sales and management team had the opportunity to visit a large amount of key customers during a two week tour in China in January. “We were impressed by the market growth rate and the excellent production skills in China. It´s a huge market with a lot of opportunity – and we want to build long term presence and customer partnerships in China”, says CEO Jari Ketoluoto,

The next major event in the Chinese market is Nepcon Show in April in Shanghai. Cencorp will introduce there the new products specially designed to fit the high volume market in Asia.