Now is the time to finally replace manual labor in mass production environments for odd-form assembly. Cencorp product development listens to customer needs carefully and as a result of this we are now presenting our two new Odd-Form product family innovations for 2016.

First, we are proud to introduce the new 850 Odd-Form Cell. It comes with outstanding features like short pick and place times topped with high cost efficiency. In addition to these preferred benefits it has capability of handling up to eight feeders of all traditional Cencorp feeder types for through hole components.

850 OF comes with a servo gripper including automatic finger change, component presence detection and the collision detection features that have made the Cencorp odd-form cells known for their outstanding performance and quality. The panel is supported with a board support unit that can be equipped with product specific fixtures for clinching. A two camera vision system comes as a standard.

We will also introduce the new 1000 LSOF. It is a perfect match when you need to place just a few odd-form components to you boards. Many customers today have just a few odd-form components, typically some connectors to place after the SMT line. Until now you have needed two machines to complete the board, one OF-machine and a selective soldering machine.

Now you can do it all with one 1000 LSOF. It is a traditional odd-form pick and place upper robot with all the well-known Cencorp pick and place features combined with an underboard laser
soldering robot. It includes also fully automatic wire feeding and full process control of the soldering process – thanks to the built in pyrometer that controls the soldering profile in real time. Now you can squeeze a more than 4m long production process down to 1m in line length.

Please contact our sales representatives to set up your one-to-one introduction to these new top-notch robot models.