Cencorp Automation has strong roots in product development. Cencorp is one of the pioneers in production process robotics innovations since the company was founded in the 1980´s. In 2016 the innovation spirit is at it´s high peak – being the key driving force amongst Cencorp design teams at the moment. The company bases its´ innovation thinking in standard platforms that can be enhanced with customer specific modifications, dedicated modules and applications.

The agenda is clear – Cencorp wants to be the leader in innovation creation to match the needs that the customers have regarding the Industry 4.0. Design teams work actively in all product streams. The company has built a dedicated Laser Application Lab to dig deeper into the new approaches in laser application testing and laser welding.

Cencorp is focusing also in adding value to State of the Art production lines. In April the company delivered a production line to a customer in USA to match their high volume, high mix requirements. The new production line, based on Cencorp OF1500 cells, is producing hundreds of different product variants in a continuous build to order process without any stops for resetting. The assembly process requires up to 50 different components.

One of the core features is a high level traceability that has a direct impact in quality. All production related data are coming directly from the ERP system and the product data is created in their own CAD system. All placements are done based on the information stored in the central database. Real time process data is continuously reported back to the statistics server providing the engineers with all relevant data for continuous process improvement.

Cencorp Automation is the world leader in flexible placement of through-hole components. Our current product range the 850 OF, the 1000 OF EVO and the 1500 OF are capable of placing almost any component in all traditional supply formats.