Cencorp Automation has been investing in innovative product development and customer care during the past years. This passionate mode has been noticed and well received amongst the customers – and this reflects clearly on the constantly increased sales. Existing clientele wants to modernise their good old HiSac devices with the new Odd-Form 1500. And the new customers are attracted by Cencorp´s best of breed solutions.

Cencorp Automation reports the new machine sales growth of 42 % in 2016. Especially strong annual growth can be seen in Germany with sales increase more than 2 MEur and in China with more than 3 MEur. Cencorp Automation has a clear vision. It wants to strengthen its presence on the markets by opening new sales offices in Beijing and in San Jose to improve sales and technical dialogue with key customers. With this energetic business vibe the company budgets the similar level growth figures also for 2017.