Our American customers have shown interest towards our innovative Odd-Form and Testing solutions. Now we are happy to showcase these true productivity increasers to you all in APEX.

  • Cencorp 850OF inline entry level odd-form assembly cell, placing odd-form components
  • Cencorp 1000LSOF 
inline multifunction odd-form assembly/selective laser, soldering cell placing odd-form components AND selectively laser soldering the components
  • Cencorp XPRS multi-level direct flow inline test handler, flashing and panel level testing assembled PWB’s

Focus in Odd-Form

Cencorp Automation is the world leader in flexible placement of through-hole components. Our Odd-Form product range, the 850 OF, the 1000 OF EVO and the 1500 OF, are capable of placing almost any component in all traditional supply formats. 850OF is designed to remove manual labor from mass production lines, bringing you excellent return of investment in high mix/high volume environments. We will also introduce the new 1000 LSOF. It is a perfect match when you need to place just a few odd-form components to you boards. Equipped with extensive software options covering on-line CAD import, MES connectivity and traceability Cencorp Odd-Form range meets the toughest quality demands in electronics industry today.

Focus in Testing

Cencorp Automation is one of the leading innovators in the area of product testing and production process monitoring. XPRS Test is a solution platform that will be tailored based on each customer product and production process. One of the major benefits of XPRS Test is that it enables parallel testing in a multiple piece flow process. In a limited floor space you can grow upwards. XPRS Test is also minimizing the amount of movements in the testing process. XPRS Test brings the new level of openness, flexibility and efficiency into heavy-duty manufacturing processes. This means all-inclusive testing covering all product stages. 

All time Cencorp favourites in American markets

Cencorp Automation has strong roots in product development. Cencorp is one of the pioneers in production process robotics innovations since the company was founded in the 1980´s. Several Cencorp products have become all time favourites amongst our customers, bringing maximum productivity into the production process.

  • Cencorp 700LM
 inline laser marking cell, marking traceability information onto PWB’s
  • Cencorp 1000BR EVO inline router, singulating individual boards from the panel
  • Cencorp 1300SR standalone router, rotary table version
  • Cencorp 300LM compact table top laser marker