Cencorp Automation makes a significant investment into their new production plant to be built in Salo this spring. The venue used to act previously as the Nokia and Microsoft mobile phone factory. This legendary and famous campus has been empty since Microsoft ended their mobile phone production in Finland a year ago.

The whole campus was acquired by a new Salo-based consortium and their newly founded company called Salo IoT Park Oy. Salo IoT Park shareholders are the City of Salo, 4capes Oy, Lounaismaan Osuuspankki Oy, Lounea Oy, Aurora Ventures Oy and Hans Strömberg.

Cencorp Automation is the first company to make an agreement with Salo IoT Park. Cencorp Automation´s CEO Jari Ketoluoto confirms that Cencorp will be moving into the new premises during summer 2017. ”We will make a significant investment in the Salo factory. We will build there our own production lines and our innovation and development lab. We are looking forward to meet other innovative companies that will base their operation in the re-born campus that now carries the name Salo IoT Campus”, says CEO Jari Ketoluoto.

The previous Cencorp 2000 m2 facilities could not simply any more enable the rapid growth path that Cencorp has been propelling during the last years. The new premises, to be fully renovated and built by Cencorp Automation, will offer some 5700 m2, almost tripleing the existing capacity. The new production facilities reenforce growth also by enabling hiring new talent of some 10-20 professionals in product development and innovation.

Cencorp business has grown rapidly during the last years. In 2016 the revenue was 14 M€ and this year forecast will be 21 M€, confirms Ketoluoto. The growth is based on the strong foothold of Cencorp innovative products in Asia, North America and Europe. The customers represent both industrial and consumer electronics companies.