Cencorp´s consistent efforts in high-end innovation gained the ultimate recognition at Nepcon Exhibition in Shanghai, China in April 2017. Cencorp Automation received the award for ”The Best Exhibit Technology of the Year 2017” with the product “In-Line Router, Model 1000BR”.

Cencorp in-line systems offer flexibility with high speed and low tooling costs. Cencorp routers are unique in the depaneling market combining a proven platform with a global support network, intuitive software and flexible mechanics.

”We are most happy to get this recognition for our innovativeness. Cencorp´s 1000BR is really reliable, fast and precise in-line router. There´s no doubt that it is the best in-line router in the world. It has the upgraded control system and new user interface that make the daily usage really smooth”,  says Mats Lillqvist, CEO of Cencorp Automation Oy.