Cencorp Automation has made a significant investment into their new production plant to be built and renovated in Salo this spring and summer. The venue used to act previously as the Nokia and Microsoft mobile phone factory. This legendary and famous campus has been empty since Microsoft ended their mobile phone production in Finland in 2016. 

”We will make a significant investment in the Salo factory. We will build there our own production lines and our innovation and development lab. We are looking forward to meet other innovative companies that will base their operation in the re-born campus that now carries the name Salo IoT Campus”, says CEO Mats Lillqvist.

The new premises, to be fully renovated and built by Cencorp Automation, will almost triple the existing capacity. The new production facilities reenforce growth also by enabling hiring new talent in product development and innovation.

The new premises will be officially opened in September 2017.