Cencorp Automation Demonstrated Powerful Presence at Nepcon

Cencorp OF1000 Odd-Form wins the Best Technology Prize 2017

Nepcon Exhibition in Shenzhen this autumn was a major meeting arena for process automation professionals, both customers and solution providers. This year Cencorp Automation was showcasing their thought leadership on process automation in dedicated seminar presentations. Cencorp stand was hosted with a highly motivated and professional team helping customers to navigate the world of newest process automation innovations.

As an exhibition highlight Cencorp Automation received the Best Technology Prize 2017 for their Odd-Form model OF1000. ”Our R&D team is clearly acting in top-form and can introduce the latest technological product innovations in the arena of process automation. We are proud to share this Odd-Form victory with our customers who are enjoying the ultimate power of our Odd-Form machines in their high volume and high mix production”, says Mats Lillqvist, the CEO of Cencorp Automation.

Nepcon was also the arena of leading visions for the future. Tomi Savolainen, head of testing at Cencorp, mastered one of the hottest issues at the exhibition focusing on testing and production process efficiency. ”Efficient Board Level Testing” was well received by a full seminar hall with an attentive audience, including world-class companies representing both consumer and industrial electronics and mobile product companies. The topic was interesting also for electric car industry, especially for electric car battery package testing purposes.

Cencorp Automation is one of the leading innovators in the area of product testing and production process monitoring and has been investing in serious product development over the last years.  Cencorps XPRS Test was introduced at Nepcon Shenzhen in 2016 and it immediately won the best product prize for the best testing technology. Companys award-winning product portfolio has been highly valued and recognized, in addition to XPRS Test their Router solution received the best technology prize at Nepcon Shanghai spring 2017.