Cencorp Automation´s new office has the best possible roots for pioneering high tech innovation. The new facility is based on the premises of the legendary Nokia, in their original Salo factory that nowadays carries the name Salo IoT Campus. This gives certainly especially positive vibes for the Cencorp personnel as many of them have a long heritage in Nokia.

”I would say that it truly feels like homecoming for many of us – and also a birth of something brand new, filled with high expectations for success and international growth”, states CEO Mats Lillqvist from Cencorp Automation Oy.

Cencorp Automation was the first company to build their facility in Salo IoT Park. The new premises, built to fit Cencorp requirements, offer some 5700 m2, tripleing the capacity in the old venue. The production facility space grows even more, being now 5 times bigger than the old production space.

”We are very happy with the location, the competence network in the area and the venue functionality that fits now our purposes perfectly. We have plenty of room to grow both our innovation forces and our production capability in the future”, says Lillqvist.

The new premises also feature a fully equipped showroom – an impressive, 26 meter long, well designed space showcasing 3 robots in a convenient setting. ”Everybody just loves it! The showroom helps us to demonstrate the product features live for customers visiting us. This facility really highlights our products in a fully new way. Welcome to our new office at Joensuunkatu 7”, welcomes Lillqvist.