Cencorp Automation had the honour of hosting the visit of the Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Chen Li. He visited Cencorp together with his delegation on October 31. The Cencorp visit was a part of the Chinese delegations Salo IoT Park official visit.

Cencorp Automation Oy´s CEO Mats Lillqvist held an opening speech about the importance of the Chinese-Finnish collaboration and hosted a tour around the new production facility. Timo Majamäki from Cencorp Automation was presenting the robots and their main features in action in the newly opened showroom.

The Ambassador was enhusiastic about the facility and robotics that he saw during the Cencorp tour. He was especially impressed by the amount of dedicated innovation and pioneering attitude.

”In China Finland is famous for its innovativeness. I´m happy to see that Chinese investors have made investments in Cencorp Automation robotics that clearly represent world leading knowledge and innovation in process automation”, stated Ambassador Chen Li.

CEO Mats Lillqvist was happy to be able to present the new Cencorp Automation facility to the Chinese Ambassador. ”We have a powerful Chinese ownership and that helps us to make a new leap in our business growth and position in the global market. There is a growing amount of business and technological collaboration taking place between China and Finland. We are two innovation-driven countries sharing the same goal and reaching for results”, says Mats Lillqvist.

Chinese Ambassador and his delegation at Cencorp Automation Showroom (from left to right in the picture):

  • Terhikki Lehtonen, International Relations Officer of Salo City
  • Saija Karnisto-Toivonen, Chairman of City Board
  • Chunyan Mei-Kuusinen, Secretary to the board at Cencorp Automation
  • Jukka Vakula, CEO of Salo IoT campus
  • Mats Lillqvist, CEO of Cencorp Automation Oy
  • Chen Li, Ambassador of China to Finland
  • Lauri Inna, Mayor of Salo city
  • Qin Sa, The wife of Chinese Ambassador
  • Yang Zhijun, First Secretary of Science section
  • Zeng Haoyao, Attaché