Munich will be soon the center of attention. Productronica will be the highlight of the year for all those who are dealing with heavy-duty production and seeking new solutions to support their growing businesses. Cencorp Automation has prepared well for this years exhibition and introduces several interesting innovative solutions on odd-form assembly, depaneling and testing.

New solutions for testing

We will be presenting new top features that increase productivity significantly and safeguard production process quality. You can experience the full Cencorp XPRS Test Family featuring XPRS One, XPRS Low Rider and XPRS Monster. Cencorp has made testing well-fitting for any requirements with a scalable solution.

New solution for better component quality

You´ll be witnessing the world premiere of the brand new innovation for odd-form component quality evaluation. We call it Q-Check Vision System and it fits our Cencorp 1500 OF perfectly. Easily detachable Q-Check Vision System screens and evaluates the quality of all the components to be used in placement. It will significantly improve the process quality and quarantee a better process uptime.

Award-winning solution for depaneling

How about something special for depaneling. Cencorp routers combine a proven platform with a global support network, intuitive software and flexible mechanics. Cencorp 1000BR is a reliable, fast and precise in-line router. Cencorp 1000 BR was awarded ”The Best Exhibit Technology of the Year 2017” prize in Nepcon Shanghai this spring.

We are there for you: Welcome to our Booth 221

Our dedicated Productronica team is looking forward to meet you and discuss your requirements for the new generation production process and how to tackle the painful daily bottlenecks. Let´s meet in Munich on November 14-17. Join us and capture our award-winning innovations at Hall A3, Booth 221.