This summer, two colleagues who have worked for nearly two decades have retired, one is Tapio Kouvo, the other is Reijo Koivisto. Tapio was working as Field service engineer and Reijo was an electrical engineer.

We will definitely miss their presence and their exceptional services. In the past nearly 20 years that they have worked with the company, we have enjoyed the fruits of their exemplary work. The junior employees have seen an excellent example of work ethic from them.

Congratulations on Tapio & Reijo’s retirement. May you both fully enjoy the perks of your retirement years in good health and with good relationships.  Although we hate to see you go, we are happy to see you rest from the stresses of daily corporate life and now move to a peaceful and blissful lifestyle you fully deserve.

We are honored to celebrate with Reijo on the last day of his work. It was a pity that we did not have chance to celebrate with Tapio because of the summer vacation.