Danfoss Drives is increasing its degree in automation for VLT production with Cencorp RoboBox-OF through-hole assembly robot capable of placing oversized components. RoboBox-OF is now a part of the intelligent production line equipped with our standard Odd-Form placement robots.

Our product range covers the full range of component sizes and packaging – and now also big cardboard boxes. Our vision-controlled picking process from low accuracy cardboard boxes will ensure smooth component and waste handling process. The placement process control is handled with on-line CAD coordinate importing allowing each PCB entering cell to be treated as unique product powered by Cencorp CIS-production control system. No product specific placement programs or program change overs are needed.

The development of this new platform for large component handling is an outstanding example of good long-term co-operation between Cencorp as a supplier and our key customer Danfoss resulting in an innovative machine platform for general purpose.

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