In the last financial year, Cencorp group significantly boosted its order intake for machine projects to 23,1 million euros.
Looking at the sales chart by region, the Americas saw a clear rebound after a couple of slow ‘Covid years’. Growth in Europe is a continuation of the recovery that began after the pandemic.
The company’s first-half results are likely to be substantially ahead of expectations.
Reasons for rapid business growth:
• Large companies are allocating capacity globally to avoid regional risks. As a result, there has been an investment boom in Eastern Europe and Mexico.
• Some investments are cyclical.
• Other investments are part of long-term growth plans. Some customers have investment trajectories that started in 2019 and will continue until 2026 until their full capacity needs are met.
• The last and most important reason: we win new customers and old customers keep buying machines and solutions from us.

Summer vacation is here in Finland. To meet the needs of customers in different time zones around the world, our factory is running normally during summertime and our employees have distributed their holidays to ensure timely and excellent services for all customers.
A big thank you to all our customers and colleagues! We hope you will have a great summertime with your family!