Cencorp 1000 BR Refurbished (2006)

For Sale, Refurbished Cencorp 1000 BR in-line depaneling unit.
The machine has been thoroughly gone through and all the worn out parts has been replaced with new ones.
The spindle is factory refurbished.
Machine comes with 12 months full warranty.
The machine is immediately available.
This unit is located in McAllen Texas, USA

Cencorp 1000 BR
2006 vintage
Incoming edge rail conveyor
Outgoing flatbelt conveyor 150mm wide x 1m long
Servo gripper
Bottom side routing
Nilfisk Vacuum System
Vision system for routing alignment
Windows OS
L to R process flow
Fully checked through and all the worn out parts has been replaced
Comes with full one year warranty

Cencorp 1000 BR provides flexibility and efficiency
The system is extremely easy to program and operate
thanks to its graphical user interface with integrated
teach mode. Automated tasks such as automatic rail
adjust and automatic program change as well as the
servo gripper mechanism eliminate the need for any
manual intervention or the need to use special tools
in product change-over. The Cencorp 1000 BR is both
efficient and flexible; the same machine can also be
used as a stand-alone router. Due to the high capacity
and short change-over time, you can replace several
stand-alone machines with one Cencorp 1000 BR.
One single platform
Our standard solutions are based on one platform
and module strategy. However, customer specific
modules can be built when required to meet the
manufacturing process requirements.


Pick & Place Work Envelope:
X-travel: 645 mm
Y-travel: 940 mm
Z-travel: 150 mm
W-travel: 360 deg
Router Work Envelope:
X-travel: 450 mm
Y-travel: 415 mm
Z-travel: 50 mm
Repeatability (x,y,z): ±0.03 mm [3 s]
Repeatability (W): ±0.05 º [3 s]
Board Handling: (panel)
Min PCB size: 50x50mm
Max PCB size: 450x350mm
Thickness, max: 5mm
Transfer protocol: SMEMA
Optional: WMV
Transfer height: 900+-25mm
PCB conveyor type: Two segment
Top clearance: 70mm
Bottom clearance: 20mm
Conveyor speed up to: 16m/min adjustable
Width adjustment: Programmable
Locking pins adjustment: Programmable
PCB stopper position: Programmable
Pick & Place Performance:
Max. axis speed: 2000 mm/s
Max. acceleration: 15000 mm/s2
Rec. routing speed: 20–50 mm/sec
Machine cycle time, min: 4 sec
Base Standards:
Teach In (CATS): Camera assist
Broken bit detection: Optical
Routing bit storage: 10+10 pcs
Dust extraction support: Air ionisation
Gripper System:
PCB pick & place: Servo gripper
Gripper finger width: Programmable
Gripper finger change: Automatic
Gripping identification: Standard
Tool rack for gripper finger: 3–4 positions
Pneumatic multiple gripper: Optional
Graphical User Interface:
Operating system: Windows XP
USB connection: Standard
Touch screen: Optional
Ethernet card: Standard
Dual Monitors: Optional
Machine Vision:
CATS : Standard
Matrox Vision
Fiducial reg.time: < 1 s
External Vacuum System:
ULT 200 with canister
Dust Flow Control: Optional
Software Options:
Barcode support: 1D or 2D
Machine Dimensions:
Width: 992mm
Depth: 1560mm
Height: 1744mm
Weight: 1700kg
Electrical Service Requirements:
Voltage EU (USA): 400 (208)VAC 10%
Frequency EU (USA): 50 (60)Hz
Branch circuit size: 16A
Average power cons.: 2 kVA
Pneumatics Service Requirements:
Pressure: 5-7 bar
Dry clean air
Approx. air consumption: 100 l/min
Environmental Requirements:
Operating temperature: 10 … 40°C
Operating humidity (RH): 30% … 85%

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