Cencorp 1300SR Edge Cutting Tool SW

This option is available for Cencorp 1300 SR series router. The purpose of this feature is to enable accurate and exact performance when PCB:s with varying quality and tolerance are processed. An occurring quality problem might also be component placing very close to the cutting position which is putting stress on the routing process.

Cencorp has developed an Edge Cutting option meeting up the everyday production quality demands.

Easy teaching:
– Setting up a routing program in normal way with e.g. camera aided teaching routines
– Matrix teaching supported
– Defining a vision tool (several options available such as line tool) for every needed cutting sequence where Edge Cutting compensation is needed
Automatic compensation during production:
– During the routing process every cutting sequence with Edge Cutting tools defined will be automatically compensated
– Compensation will be done by identifying objects with defined vision tools before the actual cutting is performed
– Edge Cutting option can be set on/off for all products
– Different programs for same product can be taught to support different “variants” of the PCB.

– Some reduction of process speed will happen depending on the amount of Edge Cutting sequences present in the process program
– Supporting only pre-routed PCB:s

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