Cencorp 1300SR Offline Program Editor

Cencorp Offline Editor is a Windows application designed to perform a number of
processing operations with multilayered graphic data ‐ AutoCAD DXF, Excellon2 or
Gerber (RS‐274X) formats ‐ to make it compatible with Cencorp routers. The processing
operations result in single layered data in Cencorp’s specific format. The purpose of the
Offline editor is to get drawing to programming view and then draw routing vectors in
offline mode.

This SW can be installed to any PC or Laptop that has USB.
After installation it requires license update which can be done in minutes by sending a file to Cencorp Office,
where the file will be licensed and send back to the customer.
The Machine that is going to be used for the importation, requires the same procedure.

The offline PC/Laptop System Requirements:
– Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP and later
– Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
– Monitor minimum resolution: 1280 x 1024
– USB port


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