Cencorp 300LM Desktop Laser Marker

Cencorp 300LM, a very compact table top laser marker for various marking applications.

This unit comes with 10W fiber laser. It can be sold with the Fume Extractor (Laser Vacuum)

This Demo Unit is located in McAllen TX.

System includes:
10 W laser unit
Window for viewing marking process
PC for laser control
Connection for fume extraction
Fume Extraction Unit
Automated slide for loading & unloading of products
Programmable Z-axis

Cencorp 300LM working sequence:
• Operator puts the product(s) to be marked on the product specific fixture
• Operator pushes start button and the slide closes automatically (if the automatic option is chosen)
• Laser marks the product(s) according to marking program
• After marking is completed the laser unit gives a ready signal and the slide is opened automatically (if the automatic option is chosen) Change from know product to another:
• Change the product specific fixture
• Change the marking program
• Estimated change over time is <3 min

Intuitive user interface
• Different user levels for controlling access to machine functions
• Functions divided into tabs for easy access
• Software for marking of vector and raster graphics
• Bar code and data matrix marking
• True Type fonts, extended type fonts (CJK)
• Import formats:
• PLT, DXF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, LDC linked files
• Arc text, editor for basic shapes
• Date format selection with automatic update function
• Integration to customer database


Laser 2                                           Laser 1

Machine dimensions:
Width 300 mm
Length 620 mm
Height 650 mm
Weight 60 kg
General information:
Laser safety Class 1
Electric supply
230 (EU) / 110 (USA)
Work area
Max workpiece size (WxLxH) 185x195x80 mm
Marking area:
120x120mm (standard)
180x180mm (optional)

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