Cencorp TR2100 Refurbished


The refurbishment means the machine has been thoroughly gone through and all the worn out parts has been replaced with new ones. The PC is new as well, spindle controller, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The spindle is factory refurbished. This unit has also new OEM color paint on all the exterior parts.

Machine comes with 6 months full warranty. Optional 6 months additional warranty available.

The Ideal Depaneling Solution for High-Volume, Mixed-Product Assembly
The Cencorp TR2100 post-assembly, circuit-side router provides superior speed and flexibility for high-volume, mixed-product assembly lines. With a panel handling time of only 4-5 seconds, this stand-alone machine is competitive in speed to most in-line machines.

Dedicated Fixtures Accommodate Most PCB Panels with Flexible, Fast Changeovers.
Dedicated fixtures meet the automated depaneling requirements of OEMs, defense contractors and EMS
companies. In addition, optional adjustable tool pin fixtures are flexible enough to provide an inexpensive
solution for prototype production. Cencorp’s patented dual-pallet shuttling system enables simultaneous
panel unloading and reloading, reducing idle time and increasing production. Because each panel is fixtured independently, different product types can be processed during the same production run.

Cencorp’s Control Software for the Windows® XP Platform Cencorp’s field-proven control software, with an automated learn/teach mode and helpful programming prompts, makes the Cencorp TR2100 easy to use. In addition, the Video-Aided Programming option, an onboard camera, enables rapid, accurate online programming. The system’s diagnostic features keep maintenance simple and efficient.

Machine Dimensions
Width: 1473 mm (58″)
Depth: 2083 mm (82″)
Height: 1803 mm (71″)
Approximate weight: 1089 kilos (2400 lbs.)
Gantry motors: 2-3 DC brushed servo motors
Servo repeatability: ±0.0127 mm (0.0005″)
Servo: X, Y, Z
Board Handling
Max panel size: 528 mm x 495 mm (20.8″ x 19.5″)
Max component height:
Bottom (tooling) side: 51 mm (2″)
Top (router) side: 9.5 mm (0.375″)
or to customer specs
Load height: 940 mm (37″)
Voltage: 208-220, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 25 Amps
Pressure: 5.5 bar (80 PSI) clean, dry air
Flow: 198 l/min (7 SCFM)
Vacuum System
Power: 1.9 kW (2.5 hp) rotary vane blower
Filtration: 3 stage disposable industrial
vacuum filter bag, 0.3 micron (HEPA)
Spindle Motor
Size: 45 mm
Power: 500 watts
Max speed: Variable up to 50,000 RPM
Cooling: Air cooled
Router bit: Shank size 3.175 mm (1/8″)
Tool change: Manual
Rout speed: Up to 75 mm (3″)/sec
Slew speed: Up to 863 mm (34″)/sec
Cencorp TR2100 control software
Industrial computer, specifications:
Windows® XP with USB Port
Pentium Processor
1 Network Port
1 Parallel Port
CD-ROM Drive
2 Serial Ports
3.5 Floppy (1.44 MB)
17″ LCD Monitor
Camera-Assisted Teaching System (CATS):
Program Teach Mode:
Coordinates are taught by physically
moving the motors to the specific
coordinates, “teaching” the machine the
Program Test Mode:
Manually or automatically step through
program to verify the program before
running production.
Software Features
Event Log
Diagnostic Tools
Tool Life Tracking
Vacuum Bag Life Tracking
Multi-Level Password Protection
Video-Aided Programming
Active Vision (Fiducial recognition)

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