Cencorp 1300SR Edge Cutting Tool SW

This option is available for Cencorp 1300 SR series router. The purpose of this feature is to enable accurate and exact performance when PCB:s with varying quality and tolerance are processed. An occurring quality problem might also be component placing very close to the cutting position which is putting stress on the routing process.

Cencorp has developed an Edge Cutting option meeting up the everyday production quality demands.

Cencorp 1000BR Service Light LED Upgrade Kit

This kit replaces the old fluorescence tube lights inside the cell.

It comes with:
– 2 sets of LED panels
– The reflector assembly with all the needed hardware
– Power supply
– A switch (with labels) that can be installed to a existing hole in the upper gantry.

Cencorp 1300SR Offline Program Editor

Cencorp Offline Editor is a Windows application designed to perform a number of processing operations with multilayered graphic data ‐ AutoCAD DXF, Excellon2 or Gerber (RS‐274X) formats ‐ to make it compatible with Cencorp routers. The processing operations result in single layered data in Cencorp’s specific format. The purpose of the Offline editor is to get drawing to programming view and then draw routing vectors in offline mode.

Cencorp 1000BR Offline Program Editor

Routing program created with bitmap (*.bmp) or CAD (*.dwg,*.dxf)

Teach resolution for picture by two X/Y-points by camera and typing

real distance between them

Teach from picture routing start and ending points

Data transfer via USB drive or Network