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Cencorp Legacy Series Depaneling Machine Rental

While units available, Cencorp can rent them for a short period in case of sudden need of increased production. These are Re-conditioned units that are ready to be shipped in short notice within US territory. Installation and training available, if needed or if the machine is new to the customer.

Category: Refurbished Machines


Cencorp PCB router bits

Cencorp provides the highest quality PCB Router Bits for your needs. Specification page has listing what we currently carry or can get in short lead time. Any size that is not listed, pls ask if you need different size or length. Most of the bits comes with the preset collar. But we can also provide […]



Cencorp 300LM Desktop Laser Marker

Cencorp 300LM, a very compact table top laser marker for various marking applications. This unit comes with 10W fiber laser. It can be sold with the Fume Extractor (Laser Vacuum) This Demo Unit is located in McAllen TX.

Category: Demo Machines


Cencorp TR2100 Refurbished

The refurbishment means the machine has been thoroughly gone through and all the worn out parts has been replaced with new ones. The PC is new as well, spindle controller, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The spindle is factory refurbished. This unit has also new OEM color paint on all the exterior parts. Machine comes with 6 months full […]

Category: Refurbished Machines


Cencorp 1300SR Edge Cutting Tool SW

This option is available for Cencorp 1300 SR series router. The purpose of this feature is to enable accurate and exact performance when PCB:s with varying quality and tolerance are processed. An occurring quality problem might also be component placing very close to the cutting position which is putting stress on the routing process. Cencorp […]

Category: SW Upgrades

Cencorp 1000BR Service Light LED Upgrade Kit

This kit replaces the old fluorescence tube lights inside the cell. It comes with: – 2 sets of LED panels – The reflector assembly with all the needed hardware – Power supply – A switch (with labels) that can be installed to a existing hole in the upper gantry.

Category: Electromechanical Upgrade kits

Cencorp 1300SR Offline Program Editor

Cencorp Offline Editor is a Windows application designed to perform a number of processing operations with multilayered graphic data ‐ AutoCAD DXF, Excellon2 or Gerber (RS‐274X) formats ‐ to make it compatible with Cencorp routers. The processing operations result in single layered data in Cencorp’s specific format. The purpose of the Offline editor is to […]

Category: SW Upgrades

Cencorp 1000BR Offline Program Editor

Routing program created with bitmap (*.bmp) or CAD (*.dwg,*.dxf) Teach resolution for picture by two X/Y-points by camera and typing real distance between them Teach from picture routing start and ending points Data transfer via USB drive or Network

Category: SW Upgrades

Cencorp TR & SR Vacuum Canister Spare Parts

Spare parts for the Cencorp Legacy machines TR and SR series, vacuum canister.

Category: New Spare Parts


Refurbished Spindle Controller BMR SFU 0200/1A

This Controller is used in Cencorp 1000SR depaneling machines. This model is for the 33mm spindle setup. OEM Mfg refurbishment.

Category: Refurbished Spare Parts


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