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Cencorp TR & SR Vacuum Canister Spare Parts

Spare parts for the Cencorp Legacy machines TR and SR series, vacuum canister.

Category: New Spare Parts


Refurbished Spindle Controller BMR SFU 0200/1A

This Controller is used in Cencorp 1000SR depaneling machines. This model is for the 33mm spindle setup. OEM Mfg refurbishment.

Category: Refurbished Spare Parts


Cencorp 1300SR Rotary table stand alone router

New Cencorp Off-line Router. Next generation of depaneling systems in the form of the 1300 SR off-line router. This new stand-alone router’s modular concept allows multiple configurations to match process requirements and its new design allows better access to the machine for operator convenience and a larger routing area enabling the use of larger panel […]

Category: Demo Machines


Cencorp TR1000 Refurbished PCB depaneling machine

The refurbishment means the machine has been thoroughly gone through and all the worn out parts has been replaced with new ones. The PC is new as well, spindle controller, monitor, keyboard and mouse. The spindle is factory refurbished. Machine comes with 6 months full warranty. Optional 6 months additional warranty available.

Category: Refurbished Machines


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