Central Europe is one of the key market areas for Cencorp – based on a significant amount of automation customers and a long service heritage. Our ambition is to generate a strong knowledge hub in Germany that can serve our customers in Germany and neighboring countries during all phases of an automation project. This means that project management, engineering, process ramp-up and testing for new projects will be handled locally – making all steps of robot implementations more convenient for our customers.

To make this possible, Cencorp Automation Oy has announced that it will strengthen the cooperation with its German subsidiary Cencorp Deutschland GmbH, starting in November 2015. After sales efforts will be more efficiently coordinated when the whole European network of resources will form a common competence and knowledge pool. Standard machines without customer specific equipment will still be supplied from Finland.

China and Americas Hubs to follow as a next step

Globally Cencorp Automation aims to set up similar knowledge hubs both in China and in the Americas. Our ambition is also to grow as a turnkey supplier of production lines. The regional knowledge hubs will work more and more as integration units specifying, engineering and building and testing full scale systems consisting of both Cencorp equipment and external units.