Cencorp Automation is one of the leading innovators in the area of product testing and production process monitoring. Today testing has been rising up in the agenda of manufacturing companies – as it will guarantee a smooth production process and significant savings and quality improvements. Therefore, Cencorp Automation has been actively investing in their testing competence and innovation, and enforced their team with a welcomed talent.

Tomi Savolainen, who now acts as a product manager in testing at Cencorp, has an impressive background in building Nokia and Microsoft testing process during 1998-2015, before joining Cencorp. During the past year Tomi has been leading the team developing Cencorp´s new solution for multilevel testing, called XPRS Test. According to Savolainen, XPRS Test will be the answer for the burning customer need. “The major manufacturing companies globally all share the pain of getting an effective and flexible testing process. The key question is how to build a production line without unnecessary bottlenecks. And if we think about really serious amounts in mass production, like making smart phones, there the efficiency of testing really becomes crucial, says Tomi Savolainen, head of Testing in Cencorp Automation.

XPRS Test is a solution platform that will be tailored based on each customer product and production process. “Testing is always a sensitive issue and needs a thorough understanding of all the factors influencing the process. Therefore a close collaboration with the customer team is important when starting to fit the XPRS Test into the customer process.” One of the major benefits of XPRS Test is that it enables parallel testing in a multiple piece flow process. In a limited floor space you can grow upwards. XPRS Test is also minimizing the amount of movements in the testing process. “Yes, with our XPRS Test we are bringing the new level of openness, flexibility and efficiency into heavy-duty manufacturing processes. This means all-inclusive testing covering all product stages”, states Savolainen.

Cencorp Automation has strong roots in product development. Cencorp is one of the pioneers in production process robotics innovations since the company was founded in the 1980´s. The company bases its´ innovation thinking in standard platforms that can be enhanced with customer specific modifications, dedicated modules and applications.