GDL Circuits located in Guadalajara Mexico is a part of the All Circuits group with production sites in France, Mexico and Tunisia. They are a growing EMS company serving especially the automotive electronics segment with high quality production services.

The All Circuits group is a long time user of Cencorp depaneling equipment and this recently installed system is a high volume depaneling and packing line for their UPA production. The cycle time in the line, consisting of two 1300BR in-line depaneling machines and one packing machine connected with a pallet system, is an impressive 0,6 s/product.

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The production line fulfils all typical automotive electronics requirements like traceability and full process control for every step including also vision based product size measurement after milling for every product.

The Cencorp delivery also include line control SW with integration to the GDL factory system for batch and order packout handling.