Danfoss VLT Drives is the world leader among dedicated drives providers. For more than 15 years we have been listening to the toughest requirements for flexible Odd-Form placement coming from our highly valued customer Danfoss Drives in Denmark. We are happy to share their feedback regarding their batch size 1 production lines.

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Danfoss Drives production lines are producing hundreds of different product variants in a continuous build to order process without any stops for resetting. The VLT assembly process requires up to 50 different components. This means approximately 16.7 million variants possible – on line.

All production related data are coming directly from the Danfoss ERP system and the product data is created in their own CAD system. There is no need for product specific running programs in our cells. All placements are done based on the information stored in the central database. Real time process data is continuously reported back to the statistics server providing the engineers with all relevant data for continuous process improvement.

Technology Engineer Leif Hanqvist, Danfoss VLT Drives, says that Cencorp Odd-Form fits perfectly their production philosophy. Cencorp Odd-Form´s traceability features help Danfoss to follow up on component quality and improve their process over time.

Cencorp Automation is the world leader in flexible placement of through-hole components. Our current product range the 1000 OF EVO and the 1500 OF are capable of placing almost any component in all traditional supply formats.