It´s time to get a fresh start of the year – and what would be the more natural arena for all process automation and electronics industry specialists than APEX in San Diego. This year´s exhibition theme is ”Technology´s turning point”, showing how you can be more competitive, increase your quality and meet the increasing requirements in Industry 4.0 smart factory production.

These APEX 2017 themes are also in the very core of all Cencorp Automation innovations. Cencorp will be demonstrating the well crafted, full product range to delight electronics manufacturers. The benefits of Cencorp´s next generation solutions are undeniable and have already now caused a plenty of interest amongst the customers.

Therefore, this year we´ll be running a fully working production line at our booth, demonstrating the power and agility of Cencorp products. The production line consists of laser marking, odd-form, testing and router cells, introducing Cencorp 700LM, Cencorp OF850, Cencorp 1000LSOF, Cencorp XPRS and Cencorp 1000 BR EVO.