This year Finland has ushered in a very warm or hot summer, and the temperature has set a historical record. As the epidemic company encourages employees to work remotely since Covid-19 outbreak, many colleagues have not communicated face-to-face for a long time. In order to strengthen the cohesion of the team and promote the efficient operation of the team, the company organized an outdoor team building activity. The purpose of the activity is to communicate and exchange face-to-face with the team while keeping a safe distance.

The event was very successful, it was a good charge after work, and it ensured everyone’s safety.

It is also because of the epidemic that we have been unable to communicate face-to-face with customers around the world for a long time, but remote communication has never stopped. We would like to thank all customers for their understanding and support. We hope that all customers had nice summer vacation. For customers who have not yet or are on vacation can enjoy the rest and good time during this year’s hard work.

The vast majority of the Finnish team has returned to daily work after the summer vacation, and we will serve you wholeheartedly as always!